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Cutting the Cord

For a couple of years, we had been paying upwards of $225/month combined for television, internet and phone service. There had to be a better way. This week, we finished cutting the cord. We had been DirecTV customers for a … Continue reading

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Optimizing My Workspace

Some people that look at my space at work have commented that it looks like I’ve moved into a dorm. I have brought in a few pieces of equipment and furniture to optimize my work environment. My rationale for this: If … Continue reading

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Living Simply While Addicted to Amazon Prime

We have been Amazon Prime members for a few years now. It’s a great benefit, and not just for the fast shipping. What I’ve come to terms with though, is that we tend to buy more stuff with Prime than if we … Continue reading

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Slim-Downed Wallet

My wallet has almost always suffered from the George Costanza syndrome – and not from an abundance of cash.  It’s easy to load up my bi-fold leather billfold with an array of membership cards, reward cards, receipts, insurance cards…you get … Continue reading

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