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In the Home Stretch

The playhouse has turned out to be a bigger project than I had planned, certainly in terms of the calendar time it’s taken to get to this point. The frame is finished, except for the placement of roof rafters. I’ve … Continue reading

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Optimizing My Workspace

Some people that look at my space at work have commented that it looks likeĀ I’ve moved into a dorm. I have brought in a few pieces of equipment and furniture to optimize my work environment. My rationale for this: If … Continue reading

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Workweek Lunch Routine

I generally eat lunch in the office. Saves time, money, gas and calories. These days, my choices are pretty regular, but enough of a variety to not be too boring. Monday/Wednesday/Friday Salad. 3 cups of mixed greens + 4 tablespoons … Continue reading

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Box Score

For those keeping score, here’s where I started the journey back on September 23, 2015. Dress shirt size: 18-35 T-shirt size: XXL Pants waist: 44″ Weight: 280 lbs. BMI: 36.9 And now, just over 7 months in: Dress shirt size: … Continue reading

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Resistance Training

For some reason, I’ve always disliked the term “weight lifting.” I think it evokes an image of a sweaty meathead gym rat trolling exercise stations at Gold’s to pick up women. Moving past this mental image, I’ve come to realize … Continue reading

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