Fathers and Sons and Football

This was a special weekend for our son and me; one of those “firsts” between fathers and sons. We went to our first football game together.

It was the Oklahoma-Baylor game, in Waco. It was relatively spontaneous too: on Friday I realized the Sooners don’t physically play any closer to us than in Waco. While it is a solid 90 minute drive from Austin to Waco, it’s half the distance to Dallas and much closer than attending a home game for the Sooners.

It was also a first time I had seen the Sooners at a true away game. I had never been to McLane stadium in Waco. With a seating capacity of 45,000, it was a more intimate setting than what I was used to for college games. The facilities are relatively new, and we got great seats on the west side, in the shade, and with real seats… not benches.

Our son was a trooper. We departed Austin early, in case we were to run into unexpected delays. We arrived at the stadium almost 90 minutes early. By the time the game started, he was a little fidgety. He hung in there though, all the way to halftime.

Despite seeing only half the game in person, it was a great day for father-son bonding; one that we’ll remember and treasure for a long time.

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