2017 Week 8 in Review

I started laying decking on my son’s playhouse this weekend. Before that though, I installed blocking to help strengthen the frame and reduce joist wobble. I used scrap 5/4 for the blocking, which was adequate for stiffening up the frame.

Using the impact driver has been satisfying. It drove in the decking screws smoothly, with no board splitting or cam-outs. It’s just a little on the loud side. The decking install will be straightforward, except for the installation of a trap door near the edge of the floor.

I’m starting to get an urge to introduce some healthy disruption into my routine. I’m not sure if it’s a new hobby, a new habit, a new schedule or even a new job. I don’t quite feel like I am in a rut; it’s just that I feel like I’m at an inflection point on the continuous improvement curve.

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