2017 Week 6 in Review

Made further progress on the playhouse this weekend. The front beam went up, and I started the joists with the outer (rim) joists that will form the outline of the structure. I had to put some temporary angle/knee braces in place to keep things from being too wobbly. I used a few Simpson Strong-Tie connectors to make solid connections between the joists and beams. As more of the frame goes up, I’ll be adding permanent knee braces to eliminate wobble.

We continued watching Silicon Valley. It’s almost difficult to watch because it’s so true-to-life for me. I feel truly blessed to live and work in Austin, away from the Hoolis of the world.

Our guest bathroom renovation is nearly complete. After that, we’re on to the kitchen, the project I’m most excited about. I’ll get to cook on a gas stove for the first time in more than 15 years.

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