2017 Week 4 in Review

Didn’t get much done on the playhouse during the week. I’ve settled into a cadence of “plan and design during the week, build on the weekend.” To that end, I made good progress on the playhouse this weekend.

It wasn’t without its hiccups though. First, when setting the posts, I over-estimated the stability of the unfastened post bases and ended up collapsing 3 of the four posts. Fortunately, I had braced them so they would fall toward the center of the space and away from me or the fence.

Once the posts were in place, I started lining them up, and cut/notched 3 of the 4. I used a combination of 2x4s, string and line levels to ensure that I notched the two front posts level with each other. Thank goodness for the reciprocating saw I invested in to make the cutting possible. Cutting 6×6 pressure-treated posts, with the grain (ripping), is challenging.

One of the lessons I’m learning about building this playhouse is that construction is much more of an analog process than the day-to-day digital precision I’m used to in my career. Plans and measurements are important. Making careful cuts are too. What matters in the end though are the results: did I build something safe? Did I build something fun?

All of the vibrations from the sawing apparently discharged my Fitbit, so I lost credit for the rest of my activity yesterday.

Grey has been sick with bronchitis for the past few days. He’s missed a full week of school. Christina wasn’t feeling well yesterday. I’m looking forward to a healed household so we can finish out January strong.

On the healthy living front, I’ve been maintaining 195 pounds for a few months now. I credit consistent eating habits, high quality of sleep and a good level of activity with my sustained success to date.

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