2017 Week 2 in Review

With a little help from Christina, we got the playhouse post placement squared away. I hope. Until the posts are actually set, I am anxious about everything lining up plumb and square. Let’s hope Pythagoras was right!

I spent most evenings after work this week digging down to pour the post footings. I had notified Texas 811 last Summer of my intention to dig, and they fortunately did not find any utility lines under the dig site.

I did find a lot of limestone. Not surprisingly, it only took about 6 inches of dig to, in some cases, find entire sheets of limestone that stopped me in my tracks. I’m OK with this though. We’ll end up with post footings 12 inches in diameter and at least 6 inches thick. Frost heave really isn’t much of a concern in Central Texas, and if I’m building on top of lots of existing limestone, there’s not much I can do about it either way.

Friday evening, a cold front came through and rained things out. I have tarps covering the footing holes, and I hope to be able to pour some concrete when things start to dry out next weekend.

Zenoss held its 2017 kickoff at The Oasis on Lake Travis this week. We gained insight into the great growth the company experienced last year. We also got indoctrinated on the updated strategy for 2017. I’m looking forward to a solid, successful 5th year with Zenoss, as we expand our foothold in the hybrid IT monitoring space, harden our Docker-based unified monitoring platform and aggressively innovate on cloud-based insight and analytics features for our product line.

I started transitioning my password management solution from KeePass to LastPass. There were 2 main reasons for this: LastPass is generally more consumable and usable, and the use of an online password vault is more portable between devices than keeping a database file synced on Dropbox. I expect some features I will be acclimating to over the next 30-60 days are premium, and I’ll be prompted to pay for continued use. We’ll see.

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