Optimizing My Workspace

Some people that look at my space at work have commented that it looks like I’ve moved into a dorm. I have brought in a few pieces of equipment and furniture to optimize my work environment. My rationale for this: If I am going to spend most of my waking hours at an office job for 30+ years, I should invest in making it the best it can be.

My standing desk setup at work

My standing desk setup at work

Staring at computer screens for 40-50 hours a week can be a strain. One of the first workspace investments I’ve made during my career is buying high-quality monitors. My current setup is a pair of 24-inch Dell U2410s. I’m not a computer monitor expert, but these displays’ base technology known as IPS is generally better for office work and maximum viewing angles. Having one monitor portrait, the other landscape gives me the flexibility to read documents and do geek work on whichever orientation makes sense.

Then there’s my desk. At a prior job I purchased the GeekDesk Max. It’s a great standing desk, but it is a little on the large side. It was also fairly expensive. At the time, standing desks weren’t as mainstream as they are now, so choices were more limited. That desk now lives in our home office, and I still stand at it during off-hours/weekend work at the computer.

Mini-fridge contents at work

Mini-fridge contents at work

More recently, I picked up a Varidesk Cube Corner. I have an L-shaped desk at work, and I sit in the corner of the L to balance sightline, screen privacy, desktop space and lighting. The Varidesk’s rough triangle shape complements this. More importantly, it is stable and raises to a height that allows me to get work done while standing most of the day.

Near the beginning of my weight loss journey, I brought in a mini-fridge. Each Monday, I stock it with lunches and snacks for the week. Normally, this consists of 4-5 mixed green salad mixes, some Babybel cheese and a 4-pack of yogurt. I also have some cereal and almond milk in there that tends to last 3-4 weeks. The upsides of the mini-fridge is that I won’t be surprised by someone taking my things, it’s quick to do an inventory and I’ll never worry about having fresh food nearby.

Mechanical keyboard and trackball

Mechanical keyboard and trackball

Along the way, I’ve also picked upgraded peripherals to make work more efficient:

All of this together helps keep my energy up at the office, which drives productivity and positive juju for those around me!

Oh, and I almost forgot; here’s today’s box score:

Dress shirt size: 16-35
T-shirt size: L
Pants waist: 36″
Weight: 199 lbs.
BMI: 26.3
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