Workweek Lunch Routine

I generally eat lunch in the office. Saves time, money, gas and calories. These days, my choices are pretty regular, but enough of a variety to not be too boring.

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday
    • Salad. 3 cups of mixed greens + 4 tablespoons of dressing. I’m a fan of Bolthouse Farms dressing, due to relatively low calories and great flavor. Lately I’ve been alternating between their Classic Balsamic (30 cal / 2 tablespoons) and yogurt-based Caesar Parmigiano (45 cal / 2 tablespoons). The lettuce itself is very low-calorie, so a huge amount of salad for 90-130 calories.
    • Babybel cheddar cheese. 70 calories
    • Handful of grape tomatoes (30-ish calories)
  • Tuesday/Thursday
    • A can of sardines in olive oil. Scales vary on this, so I bank 200 calories for this
    • 20 grams of cheddar goldfish crackers (100 calories) to cut the richness of the fish
    • Handful of grape tomatoes (30-ish calories)

Each lunch is about 230-300 calories and is satisfying enough to keep me fueled for most of the afternoon.

Today’s Box Score

Dress shirt size: 16-35
Pants waist: 37″
Weight: 209 lbs.
BMI: 27.6
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