Resistance Training

For some reason, I’ve always disliked the term “weight lifting.” I think it evokes an image of a sweaty meathead gym rat trolling exercise stations at Gold’s to pick up women. Moving past this mental image, I’ve come to realize that as I converge on my fitness goals, if I want to look like something other than a withered stick figure, I have to start doing some resistance training.


fitbod dynamically builds workout programs based on fresh/recovered muscle groups.

There’s some latent intimidation there though. I’m not very knowledgeable or good at it. So, over the past few weeks I’ve done some research on basics “dos” and “don’ts,” with my primary goals being:

  • avoiding injury
  • increasing muscle mass
  • decreasing body fat %
  • sustainability

Technology is again playing a supporting role. I’ve latched on to an app called¬†fitbod¬†that calibrates a program based on your experience and goals. It gives you recommendations for exercises, lets you choose alternatives to the ones it recommends, and even has instructions and demonstration videos for how to complete each exercise.

When you log the exercise you’ve done, there’s a satisfying checkbox next to that exercise and the app will always recommend exercising the most “recovered” muscle groups.

All of this together has diffused some of the intimidation around resistance training.

Fortunately, I have easy access to a gym where I can complete most of the recommended exercises, or at least the alternatives. Maintaining a schedule is important, and I am still settling on a routine that lets me maintain my walking step totals and get in a reasonable amount of resistance training.

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