Goal Setting

“I want to weigh <insert some number here>.” That’s the initial goal I think a lot of people start out with. I certainly started there too. I also like to ask “why?” a lot, and I ask that question of myself for almost every decision I make in life. The process of setting my weight loss and fitness goals has been full of “whys.”

Many Google searches on goal setting will tell you that goals should be SMART, so I’m not going into that. I do subscribe to the SMART philosophy though, and this whole experience has moved me to set up a profile of my future self rather than just a set of individual arbitrary goals.

I’ll know when I’m personally ready to think about a maintenance routine when I:

  • have a healthy BMI. That’s 18.9 to 24.5.
  • have a waist-to-height ratio of 50% or less. Since I’m 6’1″, This means a waistline of 36″ or less.
  • can comfortably fit into a size 34 jean.
  • have a body fat percentage of 20%

My weight is a contributor to most of these, but only to the extent that I gain or lose. In other words, if I meet the above goals, I don’t care if it’s at 165 pounds or 190 pounds.

As of today, I’m about 50% toward fitting this profile. I’m within a couple of pounds of exiting the “Obese” class and entering the “Overweight” class.

The most rewarding aspect is that I’ve gone from a jean waist size of 42 down to a 38.

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