My Morning Routine

My morning routine has changed a lot since I started trimming down. For starters, I actually get up in the morning at a decent time. I created an artificial incentive to get up in the morning, by setting the expectation with my team at work that I would send an early morning email to them.

After the email, I usually head out for a walk. It’s usually between 5:30 and 6:00 at this point. My regular path is from our house to the end of our neighborhood’s main boulevard and back – about 3.25 miles. Walking the full length takes about an hour; I don’t walk too briskly. There are gentle inclines, but most of the path is flat.

How far I walk outside in the morning depends on the weather. I’ve found that if the temperature is much below 45┬░ or is rainy, it takes tremendous willpower to go the distance. So, I have a contingency block in my late afternoon schedule to get in my steps indoors.

Breakfast is also a regular thing. Eggs are always in, usually with some combination of:

  • Fiber One cereal – the “worms” variety – in almond milk
  • steel cut oatmeal
  • an english muffin with a pat of (real) butter – 1 teaspoon
  • berries or grape tomatoes

Depending on the portion sizes, and whether I eat a whole or half muffin, the calories for my breakfast vary between 350-500 calories. Of the meals I eat throughout the day, breakfast tends to be the largest. The Fiber One is very filling even at its meager 30 gram serving.

With that size of a breakfast, I can usually make it to lunch without eating anything else. I will occasionally have a Quest Bar* between 10 and 10:30 if I had a smaller, or extra-early breakfast.

*I did claim in the introduction to this series┬áthat I vowed to not subscribe to a particular meal program. Quest Bars aren’t a meal program, but as bars go they are the best tasting and have the best ratio of protein to carbs I’ve found.

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