An Open Letter to Success Foods Management Group, DBA Torchy’s Tacos

We were Torchy’s Tacos fans since the early days on South First Street. When you opened your location on Spicewood Springs in early 2010, we became regulars. The quality of food has been excellent and consistent, and service was acceptable.

However, over the past year, across about a dozen visits, our customer experience has soured for one or more of these reasons:

  • IMG_3870 copytorchys tweettacos have repeatedly made it home without their respective sauces. Dry tacos aren’t damn good.
  • consistently under-counted additional tortillas. Your tickets say “x Extra Tortillas” which obviously confuses the cooks because there are 2 tortillas in an order. I was hopeful that you’d fix this in your point-of-sale system based on your November 2015 Twitter reply. It hasn’t been fixed, and tonight this mistake was made again.
  • our order of guacamole or didn’t make it in the bag tonight. Another 8 miles and 30 minutes to fix this.

The drive-thru is slow. The thirty-plus minute waits in the car line was usually worth it though, because your food is so good.

Perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back is that you’ve stopped taking the Go Local loyalty card. Probably to maintain your margins. It’s the sum of these little details that will make more customers quit you, or at the very least erode their loyalty.

I’m sad to say that I just finished my last meal from Torchy’s Tacos. I hope Torchy’s hasn’t jumped the shark. Unfortunately, I will have to hear about it from my friends and co-workers.

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