They Don’t Taco Like They Used To

For those of you in Austin, or anywhere else Torchy’s Tacos has a presence, you’ll likely agree that they cook up some of the best tacos – and queso – around. We have been hardcore fans of the Damn Good tacos for years. At one point, a dash of the Diablo had become a Friday ritual.

Then, a couple things happened. First, they un-decorated the charming interior of the shack that is their Spicewood Springs location. Most recently, they admitted to me on Twitter that they will no longer accept the Go Local card. That basically means a 5% price hike.

I know I’m hypersensitive to this type of incrementalism. It’s just disappointing to witness an Austin favorite go all big and corporate. I am holding out hope that Torchy’s rolls out a punch card like Tacodeli’s. I also hope food quality doesn’t suffer in the long term.

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