Living Simply While Addicted to Amazon Prime

We have been Amazon Prime members for a few years now. It’s a great benefit, and not just for the fast shipping. What I’ve come to terms with though, is that we tend to buy more stuff with Prime than if we didn’t have Prime.

For me – and many other Prime addicts, I imagine – the orgasmic build-up beings with the initial thought “I’d like to have something.” This triggering thought begets the browse, which begets the reviews, which begets the “Add to Cart” or “One Click” step. Bam. Done. Fast gratification in 2 days or less.

I’m desperate to de-clutter our house. We have everything we need, and more just keeps coming. We’re also plagued with the constant junk cycle that comes with Yerdle and a 4-year-old with more cars than your local GM dealership. Recently, this has driven me to start purging. Not food, but my own stuff. Clothes, gadgets, random things in the closet.

How to reconcile my primal urge to simplify with the capitalistic copulation that is an Amazon Prime addiction? One subtle coping mechanism I’ve found is to treat new purchases as upgrades, which result in net zero new stuff. Here are some real examples on my mind:

  • replacing wire and plastic clothes hangers with wood ones. Hard to argue against this as being an investment as wire hangers shorten the length of clothes.
  • replacing a floor scale that is ± 3 pounds accurate with a more accurate physician-style scale with sliding weights.
  • refreshing my sock drawer with more interesting patterns than “all black.” And storing those socks, folded, in a cedar sock box . Some of my socks are wool, but more genuinely I just like the smell of cedar.
  • Going back to an electric toothbrush.

As a Prime addict, this tactic doesn’t mute the “you’re wasting money” angel on my shoulder, but the other voice in me screaming for simplicity is getting some relief.

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