A couple of weeks ago, after I had a sleep study done, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I didn’t “make or break any records” during the sleep study, and it was classified in the mild to moderate category.

My wife had been on me for several months to go get checked out because not only did she frequently give me “the nudge” to either change sleeping positions due to snoring, or sleep somewhere else. She claimed I stopped breathing periodically through the night. This pattern became so frequent that I was more often than not relegated to spending nights in other rooms of the house.

I went to an ENT in north Austin for a pre- and post- sleep study evaluation. Aside from an exceptionally large tongue base, which might be contributing to airway constriction, I didn’t have anything abnormal or growing in my sinus cavity.

For the record: I am overweight for my frame and have poor exercise habits. I am also a 40 year old father to a 4 year old and a software professional who loves food. No coincidences anywhere in this paragraph.

My ENT prescribed me a CPAP and had me get fitted for one. I immediately framed the CPAP as my ticket to get back into my own bed. A motivator.

I was initially reluctant to share my diagnosis with anyone outside my immediate family for the standard irrational rationale: shame, embarrassment and the risk of being judged. I also have a strong desire to keep my private life…private.

Then, yesterday a co-worker encouraged me to blog about it. To help others. I thought about that a lot and agreed that this might be an opportunity to turn this perceived negative into a positive.

So, here goes. I’ll comment on my first days using a CPAP as a therapy for sleep apnea, whether I decide to stick with it and if I notice any differences in not only where I get to sleep, but the quality of my sleep and energy during the day.

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