Network Cabling Project – Complete!

Smouse House Network ProjectWell, phase one is complete.

After wrestling with a 20 foot horizontal cable run through the attic, I finally decided to cut a 24×24 hole in the ceiling of the bonus room to access the other end of the run.  The fiberglass “glow rod” proved too be too floppy, so I used 20 feet of 1″ PVC conduit to create a clear path for the cables.

All told, I ran 12 cables across 3 different rooms in the house, and used a little over 500 feet of cable.  I say “phase one” is complete because there are 2 other bedrooms on the other side of the house that don’t really need wired coverage at this point.

Patching the drywall was the fun part.  I definitely didn’t do a “pro” job, but with such high ceilings my work isn’t that noticeable.

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