Slim-Downed Wallet

My wallet has almost always suffered from the George Costanza syndrome – and not from an abundance of cash.  It’s easy to load up my bi-fold leather billfold with an array of membership cards, reward cards, receipts, insurance cards…you get the point.

A couple of years ago, I tried to get us into couponing.  The allure of having shelves full of staples appealed to my “prepper” tendencies.  The venture failed, however, when we realized that couponing is a lot of hard work!  I was left with a bunch of expired coupons and a box of pocketed page protectors.  The original intent of these page protectors was to protect baseball cards, and I used them to store and organize my coupons.

Enter the fat wallet.  It recently occurred to me that more than half of the stuff in there was a seldom-use item: getting a card punch at my haircut place, getting a scan at REI for the occasional purchase and whatnot.  Using a 1/2″ 3-ring binder plus the leftover page protectors gave me the perfect satellite wallet to store the excess.

The second part of the hack is where to store the binder.  Conveniently, my car’s glove compartment fits one of those binders perfectly.  It’s always accessible when I drive to a place for which I have a card.

So that’s the hack.  Gift cards, credit cards, cash, insurance cards and anything else with high value lives in the wallet, and all of that other filler stuff neatly organized in the binder.

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