Evolution of My Garage

photoMy garage is a mess.  Even when the floor is clean, the shelves are organized, it’s still hard to find tools or materials we need to make even the smallest of home improvements.  After living in this house for almost six years, I’m ready to change this.

I call this an evolution, because I don’t even have a space to make the chicken coop that Christina’s asked me to build.  The good news is that our garage is a good size for two cars, and the space pictured offers a raised, two-foot by ~15 foot space that is currently filled with shelving.  I’m setting that chicken coop as a milestone, so I’ll need to first:

  • Mount a nicely-sized pegboard to get all of the tools off the shelving and organized,
  • Relocate or rearrange the shelving to make room for a workbench,
  • Build a workbench,
  • Build that chicken coop!

I ordered a highly-rated circular saw to help me out with mounting the pegboard and putting together the workbench.

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