Hunting for Software Developers

The name of the game in my life this year as a software development manager has been looking for great talent.  I estimate that I’ve spent 25-50% of my time in 2012 looking for qualified candidates.  It can be a frustrating, zero-sum game that you really can’t shortcut without getting burned in the end.

That said, having in-house recruiters is a great investment.  The benefit and scalability they provide to hiring managers, as proxies to 3rd party headhunters and job posting channels can save a ton of time in the recruiting process.

In this market though, it’s often not enough to just sit back and wait for recruiters to source candidates for you.  Sometimes, you have to get out there and pound the pavement yourself — go to users groups, networking events and happy hours to get connected to passive job-seekers.

As a manager, successfully onboarding great people is one of those pass/fail initiatives where 100% is the only passing grade.  It’s also one of the most leveragable things you can spend time on as a leader.

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