Several Uses for “Single-Use” Grocery Bags

The City of Austin has passed an ordinance regulating the types of bags that can be used at retailers, effective in 2013.  As the local media outlets spin the story, the city has outlawed all “single-use bags.”  This isn’t entirely true.

According to the City of Austin’s web site:

Consumers will be able to choose the type of bag they would like to use at retail counters in Austin:

  • Reusable bags that you bring from home at no cost
  • Plastic bag, 4 mil in thickness, with handles. Retailer sets the price of the bags.
  • Paper bag made of recycled content, with handles. Retailer sets the price of the bags.
  • Purchase another type of reusable bag from the retailer. Retailer sets the price of these bags.

So all hope isn’t lost if you forget to bring your cloth bags.  And, as a reminder, here are a few things you can do with paper and plastic bags that make them better than “single use”:

Paper Bags

  • Make a protective textbook cover
  • Pack overflow items for your weekend trip
  • Wrap presents
  • Line your kitchen garbage can

Plastic Bags

  • Use them to collect cat or dog poop
  • Store dirty clothes from your weekend trip
  • Line your bathroom garbage cans

…and those are just a few…

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